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If you are ready to make the volumetric leap to multi-dimensional content for your brand/platform/communication needs, we are your one-stop technology solution provider that can support the acquisition and delivery of all major volumetric video formats.


360° Exterior Volumetric Capture

In 2017, we showed the world’s first “Walk Around” video on Intel’s stage. Exterior capture not only provides true “holo-deck” experiences but can also be used for real captured video background assets for virtual production. Our virtual production solution, Holo Scene, will enable remote location scouting as well as scene capture for virtual LED wall productions. 

Inward Human Capture (Cinema Quality)

Through our cinema-grade camera support combined with our world-class 3d reconstruction and compression, we have the ability to maintain high fidelity and high frame rate 3d video imagery all the way to the target spatial device.

Live Real-Time Point Cloud Video Streaming

Our volumetric video solution can stream a live real-time multi-view reconstructed (unified point cloud which is not overlaid) volumetric video while achieving full 30fps frame rate. We are currently partnered with Intel to deliver an industry leading turnkey live stream solution utilizing Intel's brand new D455 cameras. 

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